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It seems so strange that the last entry I wrote was something like a year ago. So much has happened since then! I have thought for a while about starting a new blog with a new name with more frequent, hopefully inspiring musings. Unfortunately, I am still at the 'thinking about it' stage.. but I'm hoping to change that very soon. Now that I have more time, I am brainstorming titles and ideas. If you guys have any input, I would love to hear it! The future is exciting and I can't wait to push forward.


It is what it is

There are many things one can do to pass the time. The summer will be over soon, and as crazy as that is for me to process, it is what it is. I have spent the past two days watching Grey's Anatomy episodes. I got into the show a while ago, and I thought I should go back and try to catch up, so I have been watching it online obsessively. It is so incredibly easy to be captivated by a good TV show.. for me, at least.
As the summer comes to an end, I am slowly trying to prepare for the big transition to college. I wish I was being more productive, more determined, like the doctors on Grey's. At least then I could say that I am impervious to change. That I won't let anything slow me down. That I will be able to look back on the summer and honestly say that I did everything that I wanted to.
But how realistic is that really? Is it wrong for me to revel in laziness and watch marathons of entertainment? Don't I deserve this mellow lifestyle after working tirelessly during my last year of high school? Well, I like to believe that. Otherwise, I would be more worried that I won't be able to get back in the (new) swing of things in the next few weeks, when change comes calling.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer and not stressing too much about anything. Because it is what it is. And besides, what good has worrying ever done?


Image from weheartit


Sometimes a little goes a long way.

Currently craving...


This tiny peace necklace from Pineapple Seed, $55.


This killer Pyramid Stud Ring from Urban Outfitters, $16.
These classic Bloch flats (too bad I can't find them in my size anywhere!), $163.


Essie Greenport nail polish, $8 ...which I fell in love with after seeing photos of Alexa Chung (who is wearing the color) in the September 2009 issue of Marie Claire. I ordered it over Amazon the other day, and sadly, they emailed me a day later to let me know that they were out of stock. Thanks Amazon, for getting my hopes up..

I love me accessories!

Marie Claire gives some Olsen love

Ashley Olsen in the September 2009 issue of Marie Claire ♥

She looks so great. I love these two photos.
On another note, you should all enter this awesome (ongoing) contest to win some goodies:
Daily Candy 100 Day Giveaway


I recently discovered the talent of Elena Estaun Sanchez, a jewelry designer originally from Barcelona. She attended Parsons and began experimenting with all different kinds of materials.
My favorite pieces are rings created from old keys.


As you can probably tell, I'm a huge fan of rings... and vintage artifacts. So I'm hoping she opens her online store soon!

I'm baaack...


It's been quite a while since I posted to this blog, and I'm going to try to start up again. I miss blogging! And now that it's summer (not for too much longer, though), I have more time on my hands.
I have been obsessively reading blogs, discovering new ones, and perusing any sort of fashion/photography/art online. I can't tear myself away! Ever since I got a MacBook Pro for college... well, I absolutely love it.
So expect comments and more posts!

[Photograph is from Rosie Hardy's Flickr photostream. She has some amazing talent!]


What I should be doing with my time:
+ Studying for the long AP Government final that I'm taking on Wednesday and that my teacher finally told my class about today...
+ Working on my final presentation for my Independent Study Photography class
+ Cleaning my room
+ Cleaning my car
+ Exercising

What I end up doing with my time:
+ Obsessively checking Gmail and Facebook
+ Scouring Bloglovin' like no other
+ Daydreaming about the days ahead and the fantastical
+ Wishing I were somewhere else where it didn't snow every day, forcing me to layer, layer, layer
+ Eating...a lot

Mmmm I better go start being productive. Or acting like it.
xox, S.

Oh So Coco :)


I am in love with this video!! Taken from Coco Rocha's blog.
Perfect way to pass the time, in my opinion.

What's this I hear of a sale...

Yes, LnA is having a 50% off site-wide sale! This is exciting, as I love their soft, boyfriend-like tees, but they are a little bit pricey to buy in mass amounts. I ordered a couple off Hautelook a while back and am very happy with them. :) However, I have been wanting a white v-neck from them for a while. And I might throw a few others in the basket with it...

(Mary-kate above, wearing the tee I want. Image Source)

Wang's Words

alex wang

"Anyone can get all dressed up and gamorous, but it is how people dress on their off days, that are the most intriguing."
I'm dying for some soft tees and dresses from Alexander Wang's new collection. They are pricy though, so I may have to stick to Hanes and Fruit of the Loom for now... although they were all out of smalls when I stopped by Target the other day.

Image Source

Happy New Year (almost)!!

Can you believe 2009 is just around the corner? Sheesh, it seems crazy.
Here are some of my resolutions:

+ Write more
+ Find a great place to go to college that I can be very happy at
+ Work on getting an internship or a fashion-related job this summer
+ Worry less
+ Meet new people and have great friends (also be a great friend)
+ Learn to drive in Seattle and get better with directions :)
+ Take some hip hop classes!! (Been on my list for quite some time)

So this is the dress I'm wearing tonight (in black):

I'm borrowing it from my sister, and while I had my doubts about it, I think I really like it now. I'm wearing it with black Nine West heels and a lot of eyeliner. I'm undecided about my hair though. And whether black nail polish would be too much... maybe.
Anyway, do you guys have any fun plans for tonight? What are your resolutions?

See you in the new year!
xox, Sophie.

What I Wanted

So I popped into Barnes and Noble the other day to look for the new Vogue UK, because it had a photo shoot that I saw on The Fashion Spot that I absolutely loved. I realized after I bought the magazine, the shoot wasn't in it because I had gotten the December 2008 issue instead of the January 2009. :(
So I spent ten bucks on the foreign glossy to find out that it wasn't even the one that I wanted. But who can say no to British Vogue? Any Vogue actually...
Hopefully I'll be able to find the new one soon.
I wanted the one with this fabulous editorial with model Sasha Pivovarova.

Photo Courtesy

Let it Snow


Half of the country has been hit with snow, and we are no exception! We haven't had this much snow in SUCH a long time. And I was ecstatic for a while, because honestly, snow is one of my favorite things in the world, and I wished for it this year... but it has accumulated to about a foot, it won't melt, and there's more on the way. It's so beautiful and makes for gorgeous photo opportunities (above are some of my favorites from today), but it also means that I'm stuck in my house more than I'd like to be. So the beginning of my winter break is white and Christmasy, but I also haven't seen many friends.
At least I've got a jump start on my photography independent study I'm doing for school. :)
I hope you guys are having a wonderful break.
I'll post something cute and holiday-y soon (perhaps a post-Christmas wishlist?), but for now, I need to start getting ready to make gingerbread houses!

xox, S.

P.s. To see more photos, click here.


Because you deserve it (and i'm feeling generous)...

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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I went and saw Quantum of Solace tonight and really enjoyed it.
I don't really want monday to come.

A long time coming

So I know I haven't been keeping up with this blog. I have to blame it on my schedule. Senior year is crazy and extremely stressful. Between AP classes, school drama, harp, college applications, and everything else, I barely have time for sleep, let alone blogging. I swear it is a rare night that I get a good eight hours. :/ But can I help that homework is outrageously difficult and takes me a very long time to tackle? Hmmm.
Well, a sigh of relief is in order, because today was my last final! My first trimester is o-v-e-r, and I can finally relax for a little while (although I do need to come up with a final college list before monday). My sister is coming home from college for Thanksgiving and I can hardly wait to see her and eat the meal that is already making my mouth water.

I'm especially excited because I recently received the two Elizabeth & James tunics/shirts in the mail that I ordered from Hautelook. :) It was crazy that I found them on sale only a little after I bought a copy of Influence. I'm so happy to even own a piece from their creation.
Anyway, I think I might wear one of those tomorrow over leggings - I bought one in black and cerulean. I figured I had to buy the blue because the color name instantly reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada, which I absolutely love.
I will also post a picture of the Botkier bag I recently ordered and now am now obsessed with.

Happy Thanksgiving / Happy Holidays everyone!!
Enjoy bundling up in warm coats and scarfs...I know I will.



I recently had the honor of doing a short interview with the girl behind the consistently awe-inspiring blog Lolita.

1. Is your name really Lolita?
No, it's Katarina. Lolita is just a fun and controversial name from the novel 'Lolita' that I really like by Nabakov.

2. Where do you live?
Stockholm, Sweden.

3. When did you start blogging and why?
About 3 years ago, I was really interested in fashion and wanted a place where I could collect all my favorite pictures and play with them in photoshop.

4. Your blog is always so creative. What do you get your inspiration from?
Aw, thank you! I get my inspiration from the usual stuff: by reading, going to exhibitions, listening to music, meeting people etc. Although there are periods when I'm not as inspired and then I just try to keep the work up, the inspiration eventually turns up again, as long as you keep youself busy.

5. Where do you find all of the unique and beautiful photographs?
Oh, like everywhere on the internet! Flickr, google.. And if I find a photographer I like I usually go to their website and browse pictures and editorials.

6. Do you make all of the graphics, writing, collages, etc. yourself?

7. You have an impecable taste and a chic handbag collection! You must have a pretty good job... ?
Haha, thank you very much. Well, not really, I'm just a student. My mother on the other hand is a fashion illustrator so I borrow a lot of clothes and bags from her.

8. What is a typical day like for you?
Hmm, I don't know, I'm not so good at routines. But going to school is one thing I do everyday. And I practice yoga as often as I can.

9. Who are your muses?
I don't really have any muses but I definitely prefer the icons of the fifties that were real woman with real professions over the starved, sullen-looking models and actresses today.

10. Who are your favorite designers?
Gaultier and Galliano.

11. It seems like your always on the cutting edge of what's new and original. What are your fall/winter must-haves?
That's cute, but I'm really classical in the way I dress. Trends are interesting as they say so much about the time we live in and our culture but I don't necesseraly wear them. But a must-have for me every fall is definitely a perfect coat.

12. What's in your makeup bag?
Benefit from Benetint.

13. What are your favorite books/magazines?
Too many to count!

14. What are your favorite websites?
Can't pick..

15. Shoes or handbags?

16. Heels or flats?
Heels, although I do think it looks so much more sympathetic with cute flats (perhaps with a shorter 20s heel?) in daytime, much less agressive.

17. Coffee or tea?

18. Rain or sun?

19. Black or white?

20. Staying in or going out?

Thank you, Katarina!! Keep posting those gems. :)
Photo taken from Lolita.

Why so serious?

I apologize for the delay in writing. I recently got back from California, and adjusting back to rain, regular life, and cold temperatures is not too easy. I miss the palm trees and sun and people watching. I miss a lot of things, but I did have a great time.
I finally saw The Dark Knight, which was absolutely incredible. I knew Heath Ledger would be great, but he truly exceeded my high expectations. He was so believable and dark and tortured. He really got into his character, and it's sad to think that he isn't here to listen to all of the praise he has gotten for it.
That's all.